We are pleased to announce that the Bitesize Junior Golf Coaching Programme will be coming to Staining Lodge Golf Course from February. Staining Lodge Professionals Tony Johnstone & Gavin Forsyth will be delivering the exciting new 10 level programme to juniors within the clubs structured Junior Academy schedule which takes place on weekends, after school and during the school holidays. Initially the new Bitesize progamme will be run during existing Saturday morning coaching sessions and then added to the full junior academy schedule which runs throughout the year. (Places still available)

This programme runs very successfully throughout the World encompasses an expansive series of learning programmes which will really benefit juniors of all ages and abilities, catering for the beginner, inter mediate, advanced and elite junior golfer. Juniors will follow a proven curriculum in a logical order to the help them learn and retain the complex skills associated with the game as well as learning valuable life skills a long the way including: sportsmanship, honesty and integrity. 

The first Bitesize sessions will take place on Saturday 7th February, but we ask all parents to have registered their child on the course before the 31st January, to guarantee your child gets the comprehensive learning materials during the first session. Registration forms are available on our Junior Academy web page or can be accessed from the main noticeboard at the Golf Club.

For more information on the Bitesize Golf Programme at Staining Lodge please contact either Tony (07883 322007) or Gavin (07860 295701) directly or see www.bitesizegolf.com for further details.