Well done to everyone involved in today's fantastic competition, a special thanks to Dale, Fran, Ron and Kate, as well as SLGC Management and Green Staff and Gavin & Tony. Together we raised £1009 on the day!!

1. Colin Threlfall, John Seed, Thomas McCracken, J Millington - 100pts
2. Allan Sherman, Garry Sandiford, Colin Pixton, Alwyn - 91pts
3. Ian Morgan, Martin Holmes, John Gilmour, Jason Crumblehulme - 90pts
4. Tony Johnstone, Mark Fenton, John Gornall, Jonathan Sherlock - 88pts
5. Jon Eade, Charlie Rushton, Terry Maunder - 86pts
6. John Spence, Phil Smitham, John Ward, Marie Ward - 85pts
7. Mick Mackinnon, Nigel Cockcroft, Wayne Howarth, James Miller - 82pts
8. Dave Holt, Ian Moden, Diane Moden, Maureen Clayton - 81pts
9. Dan West, Dave Percy, JD Mercer, Paul O'Connor - 81pts
10. Steve Wilcock, Stan Cook, John Spencer, Neil Spencer - 79pts
11. Kate schofield, Alison Martin, Steve Martin, Keeny Nay - 79pts
12. Gavin forsyth, Chris Pett, Ben Shaw, Adam Gill - 78pts
13. Ron West, Tony Maunder, Eddie Kenny, J Titterington - 78pts
14. Anne Marie Wintrip, Paul Wintrip, Emmett Hughes, Jackie Newey - 77pts
15. Steve Hagan, Neil MacDonald, Lee Harvey, Ged Devine - 77pts
16. Mark Winters, Jackie Winters, Jason Ellicott, George Baron - 77pts
17. Dave Formby, Iain Brown, Dale Wilshire - 75pts
18. Ian Cousins, Karen Cousins, Jo weir, Julie Pomfrey - 75pts
19. Sharon Bamber, Julie Melling, Julie Davies, Brenda Kelly - 75pts
20. Fran Spence, Ros Smitham, Joel Kilgallan, Ian Kilgallan - 74pts
21. Ruth Shuck, Julia Pascoe, Keith Shuck - 71pts
22. Celia Pye, John Pye, John Bostock - 71pts
23. Dale Davies, Brain, Darren - 62pts

Unclaimed raffle ticket results will stay on the noticeboard for the next 7 days :-)