Colin Threlfall & John Seed have officially been de-throned as Texas Scramble Champions, the one time undefeated scramblers have now finished outside the winners circle two weeks running. It has even been rumoured that thier sponsors Warsteiner are also about to pull the plug on their lucrative sponsorship deal, due to the pairs recent form.

The Festival of Golf Week Scramble saw 9 teams compete for the coverted prize and it was the team of Chris Barnett, Chris Arkwright, Steve Rodwell and Ed Leggott who stole the show with a nett score of 29.3.

1 - Chris Barnett, Chris Arkwright, Steve Rodwell & Ed Leggott 29.3
T2 - Gavin Forsyth, Dave Formby, Fran Spence & John Spence 30.4
T2 - George Baron, emmett Hughes, eddie Kenny & Celia Pye 30.4
4 - Jon Eade, Paul Wintrip, James Rochester & John Gornall 31.35
5 - John Seed, Colin Threlfall, Norman Pennington 31.75 

More Texas Scramble next week, same time same place.... Invite your friends again!!